About US


Yes our SAI tennis school can teach skilled tennis to all ages and for all levels, but our vision is also to provide a holistic concept for the children, teenagers and young adults who come to us, in which the social aspects play an important role.

All students should learn to build friendships and networks through the game of tennis while learning through good sportsmanship to have respect and tolerance towards others.

The ‘ball’ is a universal tool to promote exercise for the benefit of health, but also serves as a means of communication providing social and decision-making skills through various activities.


In addition to our professional sporting and health development our goal is to be a partner within the family, friends and school network in order to empower our students to grow into strong personalities who are able to face the problems and challenges of today’s world with self-confidence. We do this by enhancing their individual capabilities and helping them to have a better understanding of themselves.

Every day one more happy, healthy, well-educated and self-aware child.

This is the main goal of our company and associated partners.